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MAK- 1 K

  • Product Information
    • MAK 1 K is a liquid form chemical known as a concrete class ugrading admixture
  • Application
    • MAK 1 K is a concrete class upgrading mixture used where concrete, grouts or plaster needs to be without shrinkage cracks efflorescene and post hardening deformations
    • Higly Recommended for concrete roads and floor
    • Foundations, Seaport docs, liquid supply cannels, sewer, pools etc
    • Wall panels and blocks, roofs, poles, pillars and decks etc
    • for inter repair terms and agricultural structures
  • Advantages
    • 1.As a water reducer during mixing and pumping
    • as a plasticiser
    • As a shrinkage controller and curing coumpound during setting
    • as a strength gainer and impermeability performing aget of hardening time
    • Rebar corrosion inhibitant as per ASTM C1582
    • Water/vapour proof and stable to ecological and industrial corrossion (pH<3)
    • Reduction is Cement use by approx 15% to 20% and elimination of use of other admixtures
    • Concrete floors and rodas becomes 35% economical on 4th day because of no dilatation cuts, curing and surface installation passes
    • Wall panels, roofs, blocks , poles, pillars other precast items becomes 30% economical on 6th/7th Day.
    • Can be used for RCC Deburr recycling with same grade and strength of material after mixing.