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Steel Guard

  • Product Information
    • Steel Guard Nano coat is a unique ready to use, inorganic, water based, ecofirendly, surfae coating antirust compound. It comes with a unique feature of nano coating which helps to boost nobility of steel and act as a corrossion resistant . It can be applied with regular methods of spraying, dipping and by brushing
  • Application
    • Construction Steem (TMT Bars)
    • Ship Building, Docs, Oil Rings manufacturing
    • Railway structures, Rail tracks, rail wagons etc
    • Process and all type of chemical plants
    • General engineering works
  • Advantages
    • As this solutions sructure is nano bases it completely seals the molecular level of steel surface and restores it to rust free condition
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Water Based, Non toxic, Eco friendly
    • Passes salt spray test of 450 hous at 65 DFT
    • Increases nobility of steel surfaces from -0.44 to +1.2 6. Increases Bond strength of steel by 100 to 300% 7.Satisfactory performance cross cut adhsion test (ASTM D-3359) at 5B, 65 DFT 8.Complies with 18IS standard
    • No repeat application needed 1
    • Functionally stable in wide range of temperatures from -100 to +360 1
    • Improves adhesion of finish paint and adhesion of steel with concrete 1
    • No effects on plastic 1
    • Comes in two shades transparant and black (black shade can be used as replacement option for blackodizing